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Pioneering the dairy industry since 1976, Maurilait Production Ltée has created consumer demand for top quality industrially processed milk-based products, raised levels of nutritional awareness and provided a stable market for the dairy industry.

A franchising policy, technical partnerships and international branding with Yoplait, Candia and Miko, allows the company to offer a wide array of natural and fruity yoghurts, long-life milk, a variety of delicious ice creams and dairy drinks to Mauritian consumers.

A skilled product development team, driven by the specific local taste, has created innovative company brands such as Perette and Dahi.

A stringent quality management system compliant with ISO 9001(2000), ISO 14 001 and HACCP standards add to a well-equipped analytical laboratory to ensure thorough control of all processing operations.

In line with its market leadership position, Maurilait Production Ltée promotes wider health and nutritional consciousness, through sponsorship of activities such as food assistance to selected pre school and primary schools, as well as food and nutritional seminars.

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