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Impulse (outdoors)

  • Mikostar
    Mikostar is an ice cream with chocolate coating and grilled peanuts. Available in the following flavours chocolate, strawberry, chocolate / mint and caramel in sticks of 70 ml.

  • Cornetto
    Maurilait Production Ltée offers a moment of pure pleasure with Cornetto. With a tasty topping, through a delicious ice cream, a sumptuous chocolate sauce to get to a cracking wafer, Cornetto melts before simply crisping! Available in the following flavours chocolate, chocolate-mint, chocolate - vanilla and vanilla cones in 125 ml.

  • Ptipo
    A delicious ice cream jar of 100 ml available in the following flavours vanilla, vanilla / red fruits sauce and vanilla / chocolate, chocolate / almond accompanied with chocolate toppings.

  • Zit
    Zit is a flavoured, sweetened and refreshing water sorbet available in the following flavours orange, strawberry or tamarind. Available in 60 ml sticks.

  • Mikolait
    Flavoured ice cream in sticks of 60 ml: vanilla, coconut or almond.

  • Miky
    Almond, pineapple or tamarind flavoured sorbet. Available in cartons of 70 ml.

  • Mikylait
    Flavoured ice cream in cartons of 70 ml: vanilla or almond.

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